Boishakh 1423- Bengali New Year 2016

Pohela Boishakh translates as the Bengali New Year. It is celebrated on April 14th as a national holiday in Bangladesh. The festival is celebrated with processions, fairs, music and dance and many colorful decoration. The traditional greeting for this occasion is Shubho Noboborsho!

Every year, BIPA hosts a Bengali New Year celebration with a unique musical and dance segment.

Flute of Happiness

Concept and Coordination: Selima Ashraf

Folk songs is unique in its ability to comment on social relations, to explore the individual and the universal. It does not have a fixed musical grammar or structure that it follows. "Polligeete", or songs of the village, are characterized by the love for the village.

The music of Bangladesh comprises a long tradition of religious and secular songwriting. Composed using lyrics in the Bengali language and its various dialects, Bengali folk music spans a wide variety of styles such as baul, bhawaiyya, bhatiali, jari, sari, hasan Raja, dhamail, kobi gaan and more. These songs reflect the emotions of the people, their struggles, their inspiration.

BIPA presented "Rongila Bashi" with these kinds of songs, featuring guest singers who are all well known in the Bangladeshi community for their performance in this genre.

Land of Cards

Choreography & Costume: Annie Ferdous

Music Arrangement: Nadeem Ahmed, Midi-Music Studio

Set in a seemingly naive context, a heroic stereotype, embodied by a Prince, thirsts for adventure and the challenge of the unknown. He is flung into a land of childlike imagination. That Lewis Carroll's "Alive in Wonderland" inspired the characters in the Land of Cards, is no coincidence. Here, the rigid metaphor of the cards encapsulated the sterility of caste, class and regulation. Only the wild, unfettered chaotic nature of the Prince can demolish this arthritic rigidity and compel effective change.

The music of Tasher Desh is a stylistic blend of Indian classical music ragas and Western opera and is unique to Tagore known as Rabrinda Sangeet. Written in Bengali, our production has the dramatic dialogue performed in English but retains the original language for the songs.


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