Pitha Utshob

Pitha is a crucial (and delicious) part of Bangladeshi cuisine. It is most similar to an English rice cake or pie, but takes on many different forms and tastes. Traditionlly, pithas are served on special occasions and are eaten as small meals or desserts.


Every year, BIPA hosts a Pitha Utshob and Competition, inviting adults to showcase their home cooked pithas! After the competition, contestants and guests celebrate through music and dance.


Annie Ferdous- annie@bipainc.com

Selima Ashraf- selima_ashraf@hotmail.com

Nilufar Jafan- jnilofar@gmail.com

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Class Days

Thursday: PS 230, 425 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn
Friday: PS 182, 153-27 88th ave., Jamaica, Queens
Sunday: PS 12, 42-00 72ndSt., Woodside, Queens

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